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Sweet Potato Hash with Chorizo, Onion, and Asparagus

I have been aware of the term Whole30 for about a year, however, I know it’s been around for much longer. Someone I knew did a Whole30 challenge about a year ago and I could tell she lost weight. Recently, another friend on Facebook posted a picture after completing the challenge so I visited to learn more. On January 5 I decided to try it. I did South Beach in the past, and I lost a lot of weight. More precisely, I did phase 1 (several times), lost some weight, went on vacation, returned home, and ate whatever I wanted. Eventually, I would go back to phase 1 but I never seemed to progress to phase 2. This all-or-nothing cycle is not the fault of South Beach or The New Atkins with which I’ve also tinkered. It’s 100 percent user error. Whole 30 is challenge to eliminate sugar, legumes, grains, and dairy for 30 days. That means, no bread, cheese, or wine, my 3 favorite food groups, for 30 days. This challenge helps to reset your system, much like rebooting a computer after a…

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