Doing some wine tasting!
I am a foodie on a quest to learn more.  I have created this blog so I can remember and share what I learn as it really happens, the "highs and lows,"and  the successes along with the "crash and burns." (Literally)

The older I get the more I'm convinced that life is a pilgrimage or journey, a fit metaphor of how we live, what we value, and the food we eat. Think about how our experiences with food shapes our memories and continues to guide our lives: the smell, the look, the taste, and the comfort.
  • Remember what some of your favorite foods were when you were a kid?
  • Remember the moment you realized something you hated as a kid, you now enjoy as an adult?
  • Remember the first time you ate something from scratch that you only previously consumed as process food?
  • Remember the first "fancy" restaurant at which you ate?
  • Remember the first cookbook you bought...do you still have it?
  • Remember the fist meal you cooked for someone you love....for example, your spouse?
  • Remember the first party you hosted and the joy in the compliments you received? Not because you are selfish or narcissistic but because you are basking in the joy of something you created, and others are enjoying.
Like you, I have so many recipes that I want to try, and I have so many kitchen gadgets that I would like to learn to use to their potential.   I record my activity as an online recipe box that you and I have access to, and from which we can learn together as we continue our foodie journey.  

This pilgrimage is not an individual quest, but one in which we can travel together. Meals and food are communal.  They celebrate and create community. I value your thoughts, comments, and feedback.

Join the Journey - you are a welcome guest at the banquet!

Kind Regards,

Michele Tedrick

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