New Kitchen Gadgets

I was very blessed to receive some wonderful new kitchen gadgets for Christmas this year.  My brother gave me an omelette size, and one size larger (not sure if there is a specific name) Wolfgang Puck stainless steel frying pans.  He also gave me a square cast iron grill pan which has the raised grill marks.  Yes, I did ask for these things.  I have already gone through at least two sets of teflon pans since I first took an interest in cooking 'round about the mid 1990's, and I can't help wondering how much teflon I've ingested in the past 15 years....even more if you count my mom's pans that she used throughout my youth.  Sure makes you think twice!  So, I want to try to learn to cook more food on stainless cookware and bakeware.  We will see how that goes. My parents were very generous with a gift of money this year which I used to buy my first set of "professional" knives - a 5" and 7" set of coppertails from Furi along with the Furi knife sharpening system.  I love them.  Wow, what a difference.  They were on sale at Bloomingdales.

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I also took my 20% Bed Bath and Beyond coupon and bought a Cuisinart convection toaster oven.  I am so excited to use my new kitchen toys.  My husband gave me a gift certificate to take a couple of cooking classes at a place called Great News in Pacific Beach!  I think only a foodie can be exited about such gifts!


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