Turkey Roll-Ups

This is one of my favorite snacks.  I read about these in The South Beach Diet.  The original calls for cilantro mayonnaise which I substitute for hummus because my husband doesn't like mayonnaise.  (I know don't get me started;-)  On a side note, I am looking forward to learning how to make my own mayonnaise hoping that it will be so much better than the store bought version that my husband will like it.  The original recipe also calls for red bell pepper strips which I just skip all together.  It's just not a staple that I have in the house on a regular basis.

Also on my mental "cooking to-do list" is to find a homemade recipe for hummus that I like.  Believe it or not, I am spoiled by a store bought brand of hummus! Sabra hummus is the best hummus I have ever had (and I used to go to Greek Town in Detroit, MI when I lived near there).  So the hummus recipe that I am on a quest for must be a smooth, rich, and creamy as this brand.

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Turkey Roll-Ups (South Beach Phase 1)

6 Boston Bibb Lettuce Leaves
3 Scallions, trimmed, cut in half to make 6 long pieces and cut in half again to make 12 pieces
6 (or so) Tablespoons hummus
6 Thin Slices of Turkey Breast (Note:  Usually I use Hormel Natural Choice - no nitrates.  I have also used leftover rotisserie chicken and turkey breast which is also very good)

1) Cut scallions in half to make 6 long pieces and cut in half again to make 12 short pieces
2) Spread a dollop of hummus on a lettuce leaf, cover with a slice of turkey, and top with 2 scallion pieces
3) Secure with toothpick

Serves 2 people 3 roll-ups each as a snack, or 1 person all 6 as a lunch.


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