This post was originally published on March 22, 2009. Fast forward to March 17, 2014 and this is what I made with dinner tonight. Weird. I wonder if my food cravings are seasonal. I was in the mood for greek food and I thought it was time to update the pictures on the original post. There are a boat load of recipes for tzatziki, I know.  I have been on a quest for the recipe of "my youth."  I grew up in the Metro-Detroit area and had many dinners in Greek Town.  Oh, the memories - fresh warm pita, tzatziki, moussaka, pastitsio, and gyros. Sigh.  I want to find the best recipes for all these recipes, but tzatziki is the start of the quest.  The tzatziki that I remember was simple yet loaded with garlic.  Many of the recipes that I run across call for mint or other spices and I just don't remember that being a part of the tzatziki that I have come to love.  Here is my work in progress for tzatziki.

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1/2 English cucumber, seeded, grated
1 (17.6 oz) container of greek yogurt (I used Fage -- sold at Trader Joe's)
1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
2 cloves of garlic, pressed

1) Cut one half of an English cucumber in half lengthwise.  Use a teaspoon to scrape out the seeds and grate.  Put grated cucumber in a small strainer, sprinkle with salt and let drain over a bowl in the fridge for a couple hours. Squeeze the cucumber dry with a paper towel. These steps help keep the sauce thick.

2) Squeeze in the garlic using a garlic press.

3) Add yogurt and lemon juice and stir.

4) Chill the tzatziki for 1 hour before serving.


  1. Yum!! I, too, love tzatziki. But, no garlic in your recipe. I have always put garlic in mine, but it is so easy to overdo it and end up with a harsh garlic flavor. I have started cooking my garlic prior to adding it to my hummus and it helps subdue the flavor. Maybe that would work in Tzatziki, as well. I am going to try your recipe! Grating the cucumber and salting it sounds like a big improvement over the recipes I have tried.
    We need to go out for greek sometime! Pastitsio (sigh), I have not had that heavenly dish in quite sometime. A friend back east introduced me to it, YUmmy! Maybe the next girls night out? Hmmm... could be the start of something tasty!
    By the way, I am very impressed with the food blog! I think I must add a link on my blog!

  2. Just catching up from my business trip! Thank you for posting and for the compliment. I will be posting a Moussaka recipe shortly. I think you and I feel the same way about Greek food. Actually, there is garlic in it but depending on the line break it can be missed, I guess. The idea to saute the garlic first is genius. I LOVE it. I was in the mood for garlic the day I made this so I just pressed it. You are right it can be harsh. If I'm serving it for guests I might also try mincing it instead. I have eaten at a couple of good Greek restaurants around San Diego. But, I haven't found THE one...sounds like a good quest, huh?


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