Te Con Leche

This will probably be one of the easiest posts as it consists of 2 ingredients: tea and milk. I first had this beverage back in 1987 on my first night in Spain with my host family. In all honesty, it was the only thing she offered that I understood. It quickly became a favorite, and find myself craving this beverage during the evenings of fall and winter months. A notch above warm milk and several below a latte - this is a soothing beverage treat on its own, or an extra-special treat with a European-tea biscuit.

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Te Con Leche (Tea with Milk)

1 Cup of milk
1 Tea bag (I use Lipton)

1) Gently heat milk in sauce pan over medium low heat.
2) As milk is heating place tea bag in milk - periodically helping tea steep into the milk by gently squeezing tea bag after it absorbs milk.

Note: Te con Leche is done when milk is steaming and is a light carmel color due to tea. Also, I have heated milk in a microwave then steeped the tea bag for two minutes with excellent results.


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