This Is Going To Be A Challenge

First, I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while. Here's why. My husband graduated from Westminster Seminary California in May, sustained his candidacy exam in June, we planned his parents 50th wedding anniversary in July, flew back to Michigan for the party in August -- oh, and we moved from Southern California to Colorado because my husband is now the pastor of a church here in Loveland, Colorado. Did I mention that I have a full time job? While life has been busy over the last 5 months, I have been cooking -- but not blogging, and now I have some catching up to do. However, nothing about my recent schedule compares to the challenge that I'm now facing.

This is going to be a Challenge -- a Picture of My Current Stove!

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When I posted this picture to my personal facebook page and asked, "what are all these buttons for anyway," I received the following responses.

1. SWEET!!!! That is when they REALLY made microwaves!! Stand back when you power that baby up...
2. That thing is sweet!!! Total retro analog time/clock displays... love it!
3. I used to have a Micro like that, there was a button called "stop time"!
4. That's not just a microwave its also a CB radio and police scanner. That way you can stay in touch while cooking.
5. This is probably the coolest microwave I've seen in a long time.
6. When you turn it all the lights in the house dim?
7. If it has HAL 9000 stamped anywhere on the front, be very afraid.
8. Maybe it's secretly a time machine!
9. I think the older appliances were built to last, unlike the ones we see today where they almost perform like disposables.
10. Wow, simply wow...

Kidding aside, the main challenge for me is using electric coils instead of a gas flame. I haven't even seen anyone with a gas stove so far in Colorado. (Never mind that the microwave doesn't actually work and that I'm now cooking at 5000 feet)! This will be fun....STAY TUNED.


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