Roaster Turkey

I never heard of making a turkey in an electric roaster until I saw my mother-in-law make her turkey this way. Of course, after I saw this method I had to get an electric roaster myself;-) If this is the turkey my husband grew up on how could I deny him that tradition? The great thing about making a turkey in an electric roaster is that it leaves the oven available for all sorts of goodies: pumpkin pie, rolls, extra stuffing etc.

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Roaster Turkey

1 12-14 lb thawed turkey
1 to 2 quarts of turkey or chicken broth
1 cold stick of butter
salt and pepper

1) Remove neck and innards, if any, and rinse thawed turkey with cold water and pat dry (inside and outside) thoroughly with paper towel.

2) Place turkey on a working surface, and using your fingers work the skin away from the breast meat in order to place tablespoon sized chunks of butter between the skin and the meat, 4 to 5 on each breast.

3) (Optional) Stuff the turkey with favorite stuffing - (I make turkey stuffing in the oven).

4) (Optional) Truss the turkey to keep wings and legs close to the body, to keep the stuffing in, plus it just looks better.

5) Place turkey breast side up on a 1 inch raised rack in electric roaster.

6) Pour 1 quart of chicken broth in the bottom of roaster, set for 325, and cover with foil. Total cooking time will be about 3.5 hours give or take 30 minutes if you stuff the bird.

7) Baste bird after one hour and return tin foil cover.

8) If necessary, add another quart of chicken broth after another hour, basting the bird by pouring the broth over the bird - baste every 30 minutes until the bird is 165 degrees in the thickest part of the thigh.

9) (Optional) remove roaster pan from electric roaster and place in preheated 350 degree oven to crisp the skin (about 20 minutes).

10) Carve turkey, plate and serve. I use the Alton Brown method of carving a turkey.


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