Salisbury Steak from Scratch

When the itch for comfort food strikes, this "scratch recipe" for Salisbury steak will provide the relief you're looking for without completely blowing your diet.  "Scratch" - "itch" - get it? Eh em. Oh well, I'm known for my cooking abilities not my jokes. Anyway, if you serve the Salisbury steak with "Smashed 'Cauliflower' Potatoes," instead of regular potatoes or egg noodles then this dinner is a guilt-free phase two (or three) South Beach Diet recipe. Interestingly enough, according to Wikipedia Salisbury steak was invented by Dr. J. H. Salisbury (1823 - 1905) who was an early advocate for a low-carb diet for weight loss. If I make a batch of these before I leave town on a business trip my husband is very happy. Reheating leftovers in a skillet is something he loves to do, and this meal makes a great leftover skillet meal.

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Salisbury Steak from Scratch
2 large onions, sliced in thin 1/2 moon slices
3 tablespoons of butter, divided
1 large shallot
2 lbs. of ground beef
1/2 cup whole wheat Panko breadcrumbs
4 tablespoons of milk (water or beef broth would for a dairy free option)
1 teaspoon of rubbed sage
1 beef bouillon or an equivalent
1 egg
2 1/2 cups of low-sodium beef broth
2 heaping tablespoons of cornstarch or arrowroot
1 tablespoon of soy sauce
olive oil
garlic powder

1. Place 1/2 cup of Panko breadcrumbs in a small bowl, and add 4 tablespoons of milk and fluff the crumbs with a fork.

2. Mince the shallot (or a small amount of onion), melt one tablespoon of butter in a small frying pan and cook the shallot 3 to 4 minutes until softened.

3.  Add the sage, bouillon, and softened shallot to the crumbs.

4.  Incorporate all the spices into the breadcrumbs and set aside.

5. Lightly beat an egg in another small bowl.

6. Break up the ground beef into a larger bowl. Sprinkle the breadcrumb mixture on top of the beef and add the egg.

7. Gently mix all the ingredients with your hands being careful not to over mix, and loosely divide the mixture into 6 or 7 even sections.

11. Pat each section into an oval pattie, and sprinkle the patties with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Cover with plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator.

12. Slice onions into quarters. Then using a mandoline slice onions into thin 1/2 moons.

13. Heat the remaining two tablespoons of butter until bubbling, add the onions in a thin layer, and sprinkle liberally with salt and pepper.  Continue to cook the onions on a medium-low heat, tossing occasionally, until the onions are soft and caramelized.  When the onions are sufficiently caramelized to your taste set them aside in a bowl.

14. In the pan that just held the onions heat the olive oil until it is shimmering. Place the patties into the frying pan spice side down.  Sprinkle the top side of the patties with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Sear for 7 minutes over medium heat.

13. Flip the patties and sear for another 5 minutes.

14. Add 2 1/2 cups of low-sodium beef broth and simmer the patties for 20 minutes over medium-low heat.  Cover the pan for the last five minutes.

15. Remove the patties from the broth and set aside, keeping the broth on a low simmer.

16. Add 1 tablespoon of soy sauce to the simmering broth.

17. Add two heaping tablespoons of cornstarch to the onions and mix to coat the onions.

18. Add the coated onions to the simmering broth which will thicken the broth to gravy.  Taste and adjust seasonings as needed.

18. Place the patties in the gravy and spoon the onion gravy over the patties.  Serve immediately or cover the pan and simmer on low until you're ready to serve.


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    1. This is a new favorite recipe for my husband and me.


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