Egg in a Basket

The first time I had this was at a Cracker Barrel years ago, but I never made it for myself.  According to this recipe is also known as "Hen in a Nest, Chicken Egg Nest, Sunshine Toast, Moon Egg, One-Eyed Monster Breakfast, Bulls-eye Egg, Cowboy Egg, Toad in the Hole (not the British dish), Egg in a Frame, Eggs in a Bucket, Eggs in a Nest, Eggs in a Hole, Eggs in a Window, One-Eyed Jack, Egg Toast, Lighthouse Toast, Pop-eye or Pharaoh's Eye." Those are some pretty funny names. I decided to stick with Egg in a Basket. I actually made this meal the same day I made Eggs and Soldiers. I ate the Eggs and Soldiers and my husband ate the Egg in a Basket. We had two pieces of bread left from the Pain Ordinaire in a Bread Machine and one of the pieces was a bit torn because of the kneading/mixing paddle on the bread machine. The torn piece wouldn't work for "Soldiers," but I could make a "Basket" out of it.

Egg in a Basket
1 piece of bread (I used a slice from Pain Ordinaire in a Bread Machine)
1 egg
salt and pepper

1. Using a thin lipped glass or biscuit cutter, cut a hole in the bread slice.

2. Butter both sides of the bread and place in a pre heated frying pan. Cook over medium heat until the first side is golden brown.

3. Flip the slice of bread to the other side. Turn down the heat to medium low.

4. Place a small pat of butter in the center of the hole and crack an egg inside the hole.

5. Sprinkle with salt and pepper if desired and cover the pan to help cook the egg white.

6. Check the egg every 30 seconds until the egg is cooked to your desired consistency. I like the white completely set with the yolk creamy for dunking the toast.

Note: you can also toast/grill the center piece of bread for extra toast.

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