The Famous Hummer Cocktail (Kahlua, Rum, and Vanilla Ice Cream)

If you want to put your summer dinner guests into a state of bliss, this dessert-type cocktail is the answer. I was introduced to "The Hummer" by the mixologist himself at the Detroit Yacht Club.  Back in the day (15 years ago) when my husband was working red-capet events for Audi he managed a regatta in Detroit. It was at that event that I met Jerome Adams, inventor of "The Hummer." The drink is famous at the club, so I had to try it. As I was pretty much going "ga ga" over the drink Jerome asked me if I wanted to learn how to make it. Wow. Amazing. What a gift. I will now pass along the recipe exactly as I received it from Jerome.

The Famous Hummer Cocktail (Kahlua, Rum, and Vanilla Ice Cream)
ice cubes
quality vanilla ice cream (you know it's good when you see vanilla bean flecks)
Barcardi Rum

1. Fill 1/2 of the blender with ice cubes.

2. Fill the top half with vanilla ice cream.

2. With equal amount of Kahula and rum in each hand pour until the liquid reaches 1/2 way up the blender.

3. Blend until you have the most delicious adult milk shake you've ever tasted. (Adjust with ice cubes, ice cream as necessary to get ideal consistency).


  1. Found you at Tastequery. I love this recipe. I am willing to dive into the RUm and the ice cream.

  2. A girlfriend from work told me about this years ago.....she called it a Polar Bear and only thing different was to add some cinnamon! You are right, DELICH!!!!!!!

  3. One major correction though... The correct Yacht Club is Bayview Yacht Club where Jerome Adams started and continues to work to this very day and along the way, created the famous drink "Hummer".

  4. Having worked at Bayview Yacht Club ' back in the day ' I was blessed to have worked with Jerome and taste the famous Hummer on occasion! The whole staff there as well as the members were awesome! I'll always remember my time there as some of the best as a young adult! God Bless!

    1. Beth,
      It's so nice to interact with people who knew the man who invented this drink. I didn't even know his name, but I remember his jovial personality and kindness. Many thanks for taking the time to comment.



  5. Does anyone know if this is the same Kahlua Hummer they make at TGI Friday's? Thanks.


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