Oven Roasted Green Chilies

I'm so excited for another Foodie Journey first.  I just made my own homemade oven roasted green chilies. I love certain convenience foods.  Don't get me wrong.  Canned soups, beans, and green chilies out of a can are certainly convenient.  However, part of my foodie journey is to learn how to make food items found in grocery store cans from scratch. Now I can cross off roasted green chilies from by Foodie Journey bucket list.

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Oven Roasted Green Chilies
13 (a bakers dozen) of large Anaheim chilies
tin foil lined baking sheet

1. Arrange washed green chilies on a tin foil lined baking sheet.

2. Setting your oven to a high broil, place pan on the top shelf of the oven under the broiler.  Broil for about 7 minutes or until charred.  Remove the pan, flip the green chilies with tongs, and return to the broiler for another 7 minutes or untiled charred.

3. Place the charred chilies in a plastic bag and seal it, or in a bowl covered with plastic wrap. Let the chilies steam for 20 minutes.

4. After 20 minutes the skin should peel off easily.

5. Cut off the chili tops, slice open and remove seeds.

6. Cut the chilies into strips and dice.

7. Use right away in any of your recipes that call for green chilies or freeze in small jars for another day.

NOTE: here are links to my current recipes that use green chilies.

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  1. Michele, this looks so good! Did it make your eyes tear to handle all of those peppers? I used a similar a similar technique when I tried Guy Fieri's Dragon's breath chili, and it made my eyes tear so bad!

    1. Dragon's breath chili sounds dangerous! These are actually quite mild so I didn't tear at all. However, one time when I was making homemade salsa I accidentally rubbed my eye after just handling a Serrano pepper. Ouch. Big mistake!


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